How is Black Gold taken?

Black Gold tablets are taken as a twice-daily supplement.

How long must one take Black Gold to see results?

Like most ingestible supplements, a build-up time varies before results occur. Desired results usually begin within 5-10 days of Black Gold’s twice-daily regimen.

How long can I take Black Gold?

Resume taking the recommended dosage of Black Gold as long as you continue to experience the desired outcome. Black Gold is a continued-use product, therefore must be taken daily for maximum results.

What are the ingredients of Black Gold?

The active ingredients in Black Gold are Cernate,™ Somalab’s own proprietary blend of selected “defined” pollen used for a generation in Sweden and Golden Kat, Black Gold’s distinctive Eastern extract mélange. For a complete ingredient listing for all Somalab products visit www.productsnutritionalfacts.html.

Are there any known side-effects of using Black Gold?

There are no known or reported negative side-effects from using Black Gold. We also know of no interactions with other medications, but before combining with other medications please consult your physician. Please note: Black Gold contains “flush” niacin, which can sometimes cause a sensation of intense warmth accompanied by a tingly itch throughout the body. This response is called the “Niacin Flush,” is harmless, doesn’t last more than 20 minutes..

Does Black Gold help treat or prevent any diseases?

Black Gold (and all other Somalab supplements) is not a contraceptive and will not prevent pregnancy or prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Black Gold is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent ANY disease.

I receive random drug screenings as required by my job. Does Black Gold contain any substance that would test positive for any illegal or controlled substance?

Black Gold does not contain any controlled substances that would hinder the passage of a drug screening.

I’ve had a vasectomy. Will Black Gold still work for me?

If you are able to break down and efficiently absorb the supplement, a vasectomy procedure will not at all affect the outcome of Black Gold.

What kind of guarantee is offered when purchasing Black Gold?

Please visit the Order Now section of our web site and read our Satisfaction Policy which contains information on returns and refunds.

Is there a Black Gold auto-shipment offer from Somalab?

Yes. Upon purchasing Black Gold, U.S. and Canadian customers may be automatically enrolled in Somalab’s ACD program. Please visit the Order Now section of our web site and read about Advantage Care Direct. ACD status can be canceled by calling 1-877-SEROGEN.

Do you have a Preferred Customer program?

Customers who re-order Black Gold can subscribe for automatic shipments of Somalab’s products. Enclosed with your order is a Preferred Customer Subscription form that outlines the discounted options. There is no fee to join as a Subscriber.

How, if at all, is my Black Gold purchase protected?

All Somalab products are packaged discreetly and with quality assurance. No sugar, salt, yeast, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors are added. Black Gold is guaranteed for purity, freshness and label potency and is, by law, DSHEA-compliant. Customer information is kept confidential and is not sold or placed on mailing lists.